Egress Window Installations

Egress windows are a nice touch when you are considering finishing your basement. They allow much more daylight and fresh air into your basement than standard basement windows. These windows open up the room making the space feel larger and less like a small, dark basement room. Not only are egress windows aesthetically pleasing but they add safety to your basement, allowing for a quick exit in case of an emergency. All these factors add up to make your home more more valuable.

When egress window installation begins, a window well is dug to allow daylight and air in and to provide an exit if need be. This window well is then surrounded by 3/4 inch clean, free-draining river rock down to the footing of the foundation. This allows water to drain right onto the foundation.

At Quality Block Basements and Foundations, we would not install anything that could create more problems for you down the road. We tie our egress window installations into existing foundation perimeter drains when available.

We also can install pumps to keep your foundation dry. These discrete pumps remain hidden after installation. They feature solid lids that are flush with your basement floor allowing flooring to be installed right over the pump. The drain line for the pump discharge is also concealed within the basement dry wall. Your basement can be fully finished with these pumps in place and out of sight. Contact us today for egress windows done right.

Egress Window Benefits

The benefits of egress windows are numerous. Installing them over your existing basement windows comes with many benefits and very few drawbacks. In fact, egress windows add value to your home the minute construction is complete.

  • Egress windows allow natural light to flood into your basement, turning an otherwise dark room into a well-lit and functional area, perfect for later renovations. Additionally, for finished basements, an egress window makes for a great addition to an already fantastic space.
  • Egress windows also address a home's safety concerns by installing a route of escape in the case of fire. An installed egress window in every room in the basement ensures that every person in the home has access to a safe exit at all times.
  • Need extra comfort in your basement living area? Tired of your tiny, dingy basement windows? Then an egress window is the way to go. Not only do they allow for additional light to pour in, when opened, they act as a high quality basement ventilator, letting in natural, clean air.
  • They increase your home's aesthetic value from the inside out. Because a large variety of materials can be used in the construction of your egress windows, you can make them a focal point in more ways than one. Plus, depending on your property, they are beautiful when attached to a patio area or outdoor living space and landscaped accordingly. Great for re sale!

If waterproofing your basement is on your list, an egress window installed in place of an old, leaky window will stop unwanted water from entering your leakproof basement. Further, with new window technology, you can wave goodbye to condensation building on your basement windows like in the past. A new egress window solves basement water problems and gives your basement a new lease on life. If you are interested in adding value to your home, an egress window is your call to arms. Not only does it add value in the event of a home sale, tit also stands a good chance of increasing your home's square footage. By adding an extra bedroom with an egress window in your basement, you could recover up to 20-percent of your cost of installation.